Mental Disability

Mental Diagnoses such as Bi-Polar Disorder may qualify for Social Security Disability

Psychological disorders present many challenges. Fortunately, many of those with a mental disability (including bi-polar disorder) can qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. A major issue for many people is getting the treatment they need. The money received from SSD benefits can make it easier to afford treatment and medications.

We have extensive experience representing clients and family members who have various psychological conditions. Many of these clients find it difficult to navigate the maze required to apply for and receive Social Security benefits.

It is possible for someone to function well, if his/her mental disability condition is treated consistently. Unfortunately, with mental conditions such as bi-polar disorder, maintaining concentration, persistence and consistency can be a significant challenge.

Someone with a mental disorder may experience:
• Problems maintaining consistent schedules
• Difficulty managing day to day life and interactions
• Mood swings lasting a day, week or longer
• Hypomania, depression
• Difficulty with concentration
• Auditory or visual hallucinations
• The urge to engage in substance abuse to “level-out”

Help is available. Social Security disability benefits can provide for the treatment and medication you or a family member needs. If you think a family member may be suffering from a mental disorder, you might consider reviewing some of the information provided by WebMD.

The application for Social Security Disability benefits can be challenging. It is not uncommon for the application for benefits to be denied. We can help.

The attorneys at Smith and Wax have decades of experience helping people successfully file for Social Security disability benefits in Louisville and throughout Kentucky and parts of Indiana.

We understand psychological conditions can be embarrassing

You don’t have to feel ashamed or uncomfortable. We understand how difficult a mental disability situation can be. You will never be judged or treated inappropriately by our staff or attorneys. We chose this area of law because we are willing to fight for those who may not be able to do it alone.

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