Social Security Benefits for Epilepsy

Episode 11:  Louisville social security disability attorney Trevor Smith discusses the question, “Can I Get Social Security Benefits for Epilepsy or other Seizure Disorders?”

This is a fairly common situation.  Your condition may qualify for SSI and/or SSDI benefits.  There are some seizure disorders in which the brain has a malfunction, but others may be cause by conditions such as anxiety.

Louisville social security attorney Trevor Smith explains how to get social security benefits for Epilepsy or other seizure disorders

4 Important Factors for Seizure Disorder Applicants

One of the best pieces of advice is to make sure you or your loved one is under the care of a neurologist.  The Social Security Administration likes to see the notes from a specialist.  This is even more important than the notes from your family doctor.  It can definitely help your case.

You also need to be compliant with your medication, such as Keppra or Depracort.  If you end up in a hospital, they will likely do bloodwork, which will indicate the levels of the medication in your system.  If it’s significantly lower, it’s often a sign you’re not taking your medication as prescribed.  This can actually have a negative impact on your case.

You’ll also need to be able to show you’ve had a series breakthrough seizure, despite the medication.  It’s an indication that you’re doing everything you need to do in an attempt to control your condition.  If the breakthrough seizures continue to happen, it could absolutely affect your ability to work.  This applies to both grand mal and petit mal seizures.

Another important factor is getting social security benefits for epilepsy or another seizure disorder is that you have to be sober.  If blood tests determine the presence of cocaine, methamphetamine or another illicit substance, the judge is going to make it very difficult to get your benefits approved.  In a previous podcast episode, Trevor explained the problems substance abuse issues can cause with your social security benefits case.

Anxiety Induced Seizures

Sometimes, a sever anxiety disorder can lead to a panic attack and ultimately induce a seizure.  It’s important that your medical records have notes and/or reports from a psychiatrist or therapist documenting the nature of your condition.  The above issues related to medical compliance, sobriety and other factors will still apply.

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