Helping the Homeless File for SSI and SSDI

EPISODE 7:  In today’s episode, Trevor Smith, Louisville SSI attorney, discusses a heart-felt topic on how people of the homeless community can get help with SSI or SSDI. This can help individuals to become stabilized, in their time of need. This population is one of the most vulnerable in the community, so giving them a helping hand brings joy to the Smith and Wax Law Firm.

There’s nothing better for Trevor than to win a case for someone who is homeless. This gives them a monthly check, as well as Medicaid. He’s hopeful that this will lead them to a better life with a place to live.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is set up for those who are basically broke. They have to have less than $2,000 in assets, for which most, if not all, homeless people qualify. The majority of the homeless community do not have a strong work history, so SSI will be a great idea to file for them. Some clients may have had work in the past but in a matter of months are now living in a tent and for their sake, Smith and Wax will file for SSI and SSDI.

Many homeless individuals don’t know about SSI or SSDI benefits. There are a series of family health centers here in Louisville providing medical attention to those who may not be able to afford it. They have cultivated relationships with these health centers, so when people come in with health issues, they can get this information and be referred to Smith and Wax Law.

Smith and Wax has formed a great relationship with social workers as well, so they can relay this important information. When people in the homeless community find out that they may be able to receive SSI or SSDI benefits, they are on board and ready to receive help.

One important factor to remember is just because they are homeless does not mean they are disabled. Smith and Wax still has the burden of proving that they can’t work due to a disability or impairment they may have. With many of the homeless population, there are mental health issues by themselves or intertwined with physical impairments.

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Trevor Smith discusses helping the homeless file for ssi and ssdi