Qualify for Disability Benefits with Mental or Physical Issues

Episode 3:  When clients meet with Louisville disability benefits attorney Trevor Smith, they typically have a mental problem or a physical problem, or both, which may qualify them for either SSDI or SSI benefits.  To qualify for disability benefits, you need to have a severe impairment that has lasted or will last longer than 12 months and keeps you from working full-time (40 hour per week).

Mental cases can be cognitive and/or psychological.  Many are psychological including schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, anxiety, depression or PTSD.  It’s important to make sure the person gets the proper treatment.  Clients need to be in treatment with a psychiatrist and/or psychologist, possibly including a hospital stay or series of hospital stays.

Cognitive disorders might include low IQ or some type of diminished capacity.  It could be a result of a birth trauma, genetics or other circumstances.  Autism is a prime example.  Just having the diagnosis won’t necessarily qualify a client for SSI benefits.  However, if a psychological assessment supports the fact that the autism is preventing the client from performing at a simple job or keeping up in school, the client may qualify for disability benefits.

Trevor builds a case including documented reports from medical professionals.  These reports help to support the argument Trevor will make to the judge, on the client’s behalf.  The people who have a documented history of treatment tend to be more successful in a disability benefits case.

Both mental and physical cases will rely on statements you’ve made to your healthcare professional.  It’s important that you stress to this individual the problems you’re experiencing, the severity and the frequency.  That record helps to build the case that you can’t work a typical 40-hour work week.  Trevor wants it to be believable.  The credibility of your case is vital when your attorney is building a case as to why you qualify for disability benefits.

It’s important to see a specialist, not simply your primary care doctor.  Episode 4 will deal specifically with attempts to self-medicate.  If you have a bad back, have you been to an orthopedist?  If you have a mental challenge, are you being treated by a psychiatrist?  The reports from these specialists tend to be persuasive for a judge.  Trevor will provide a medical-source statement for your provider.

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Trevor Smith discusses important factors to help you qualify for disability benefits