Local vs. National Representation

Episode 2:  Louisville social security disability attorney Trevor Smith discusses the difference between local representation vs. national representation firms.  Trevor and his law partner, Al Wax have helped Louisville clients for many years.  There are some national firms which advertise that they can represent clients, regardless of the fact that they may not have a local office.

If you work with Smith and Wax, you’ll have meetings with Trevor or Al.  They will know the details of your case and your situation.  You’ll meet with your attorney the first day you come to their office.  Some firms show up at court and it’s the first time they’ve actually met their clients.  Smith and Wax simply does it differently.

Trevor wants his clients to be extremely prepared for court.  He or she will know the advantages and the disadvantages of the case Trevor is going to present, on their behalf.  Face to face contact is an important part of the relationship you’ll have with Trevor and Al.

In social security disability cases, the attorneys are paid a contingency fee.  This means they only get paid if they are successful in your case.  The extra level of service Smith and Wax provides doesn’t cost more.

Clients are usually dealing with very personal issues such as not being able to work, bills piling up or maybe it involves a child with mental or physical issues.  It’s good to have a local attorney who wants to know the stress, fear and pressure.

Trevor also has a network of other professionals, in the area, who may need to assist with other issues.  There are many community resources Smith and Wax can put people into contact with to help them.  Disability benefits may only be a part of the overall picture a client needs to address.  Again, the firm is ready to help with referrals and information about:

  • Housing Issues
  • Veterans and VA issues
  • Homeless Issues
  • Workers Compensation Benefits
  • Personal Injury and Car Wreck Attorneys

You can contact Smith and Wax at (502) 581-1133.  The website is www.SmithAndWaxLaw.com

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