Trevor Smith Teaches Other Attorneys

Attorney Trevor Smith Presents about Social Security Disability LawToday, our partner, Trevor Smith, participated in a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminar hosted by the Legal Aid Society.  The room was full of young attorneys who were learning about various aspects of the law.  Trevor was invited to speak about Social Security Disability law.

He covered the basic differences between SSDI and SSI.  He gave a detailed explanation about the timing involved in filing a claim.  He then discussed how he personally works with clients and helps prepare them for the process.  Smith and Wax handles much of the paperwork and follow up on behalf of their clients.

Trevor also discussed the process for filing appeals if and when Social Security Disability Claims are denied.

Finally, Trevor spent time answering questions from the other attorneys and provided examples from his experience of working on behalf of many clients to help them receive the benefits they deserve.

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