Social Security Disability Eligibility

Social Security Disability Eligibility

This article briefly discusses Social Security Disability eligibility.  Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a benefit you are entitled to apply for if you have paid sufficient Social Security taxes over a period of time to become insured.  There are many variables including age in determining whether you are insured for disability purposes.

If you are not eligible for SSDI, you may be eligible for supplemental security income disability benefits. We will talk about that in another article.

Quarters of coverage for units used in determining whether you are insured. “Quarter” is a legal term and the term “credit” is commonly used to describe the unit coverage.  A quarter of coverage is earned by paying the Social Security tax on a fixed amount of income.  You can earn no more than four quarters in one year, regardless of the amount of your income.  However, the more social security tax you pay, the larger benefit will be.

The amount of earned income needed for a quarter is determined each year. In 2017, you had to have a minimum of $1300 in income, and pay the Social Security tax on it, to earn one quarter of coverage. Generally, to be eligible for disability, the person has to have a minimum of forty (40) quarters – 10 years – of coverage to be insured, and 20 of those quarters have to been earned in the last five (5) years prior the onset of your disability. There are many variations on this rule, especially if you’re under age 31 or a surviving disabled spouse. Contact us if you have a question about qualifying under the Social Security Disability eligibility rule.

If you’re collecting SSDI when you reach your full retirement age, the benefit is automatically converted to Retirement.

If you collect SSDI for twenty-four (24) months, you become entitled to Medicare even though you are not yet sixty-five (65). Part A (Hospital) Medicare has no charge; Parts B (out of hospital) and D (Medicine) has a charge.

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